Oh whatta beautiful morning!

Day5_wakeupGood MORNING everyone!! I have never ever taken a “the moment I woke up” selfie in my life. Not ever. But today I wanted to because today I woke up feeling amazing.

I slept (accidentally) from 4:30pm yesterday until 7am today… so, that’s a ridiculous and probably unhealthy amount of sleep. But I guess my bod and mind needed it.

I had intended to go to Bumbershoot for the opening night last night. There were three whole bands I wanted to see, Fridays are usually pretty mellow Bumbershoot nights (mellow is the new ragingly-awesome), and I’d hoped to hang with Off Dry author and sober feminist superhero, Kristi Coulter, since she blabbed to the world on Facebook that she would be attending Bumbershoot this year.  [P.S., I’m only a baby stalker. Kristi and I are actually in-person friends. #LuckyFatty.]

But alas alack, I fell asleep at 4:30pm, and a nap turned into  a marathon Sleeping Beauty coma. I don’t use magical words lightly. This was a MAGICAL, Disney-style coma.

I am on Day 5 of nicotine quitting, and I feel good. The only urge for “something” was when I took my first sips of coffee this morning.

I am seriously contemplating skipping coffee in the morning (!) 

Maybe I’ll switch to tea or something more delicious? I don’t know, but coffee is in my cross hairs, and I never thought I’d utter such a crazy thing. It’s just that halfway through my second cup of coffee today and yesterday (I usually drink three), I started craving an ice cold melon-grapefruit La Croix. The bitter film of milk and coffee in my mouth was gross. I wanted some kind of fizzy clean drink to clear out the mouth crud.

Why does my mouth taste disgusting – in general – after quitting nicotine? I must have brushed my teeth 3-4 times yesterday because everything I ate and drank lingered and made me hyper aware of my breath and filmymouth-feel, if that’s a thing.

Whatever. I’ll survive crud-mouth.  Right now I just want to take a long shower and get packed for our weekend at Bumbershoot.




Xo, Fatty


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