Like sands through the hourglass…

I’m 3.3 years sober and about to turn 46 years old on August 14th. I have zero preconceived notions about what ‘being 46’ should look like for me. My husband and I don’t have kids, so there aren’t obvious norms to chase after. This is fine, though. Fine, and even fun. What’s to come in…… Continue reading Like sands through the hourglass…

An open letter to Brene Brown.

Dear Brene, You recently wrote a beautiful Facebook post about your 23rd sobriety anniversary. You reflected on the fact that getting sober was possibly the central, early decision that gave you the power to make a huge impact on the world (and, with it, me): …right after the Netflix special launched, someone asked me about…… Continue reading An open letter to Brene Brown.

I opened a bookstore (gulp).

Hello Fatty Readers! It feels like it’s been an entire lifetime since I’ve been here. Way back (three months ago, ish) I wrote a post just documenting some ideas I’d had for various widgets the world needs – totally unrelated to quitting drinking and dieting. I hit publish on that post because I was sick…… Continue reading I opened a bookstore (gulp).

Health at my (any) size, aka the next phase.

When I hosted dinner parties back in my drinking days I would pre-open at least three bottles of very fancy wine (to breathe!) and set out pretty bowls of loose cigarettes and lighters for everyone to enjoy once they’ve had just enough of the wine to think one cigarette would hit the spot. I’d have…… Continue reading Health at my (any) size, aka the next phase.

Out of my head and on to ‘paper’

I’ve had a few ideas lately that I want to get down on paper so I don’t forget them. First, a couple of car-related inventions I came up with while my husband was driving us home from my mother in law’s Thanksgiving: A “friendly” car horn feature for cars (a button on the steering wheel)…… Continue reading Out of my head and on to ‘paper’

1,317,078 minutes sober.

When I made it to one year sober I made a Spotify playlist to celebrate (, and the playlist opens with the Rent anthem “525,600 minutes” because, well, I love the song, and also because the year felt like 525,600 minutes. Yesterday, October 15th, I hit 2.5 years sober and sadly there is no song…… Continue reading 1,317,078 minutes sober.

How sobriety has changed my life.

The last few months (AKA, this summer) have been a ginormous roller-coaster ride. I lost my job at the SF startup (I think you all know this). I took time out to think and write and explore creative pursuits (AKA, hobbies outside of Facebook scanning). I’ve actually made – with my own hands – rings…… Continue reading How sobriety has changed my life.