Out of my head and on to ‘paper’

I’ve had a few ideas lately that I want to get down on paper so I don’t forget them.

First, a couple of car-related inventions I came up with while my husband was driving us home from my mother in law’s Thanksgiving:

  • A “friendly” car horn feature for cars (a button on the steering wheel) that will let you alert a car or pedestrian that you are there without blasting them with a huge honk (which is always what happens when I try to do a light tapping honk).
  • New front-of-car headlights (maybe small red ones) that indicate if a car is breaking when you look in the rear view mirror. This is for when you need to stop suddenly and you glance in your rear view mirror to see if the car behind you has noticed and is also breaking. These lights would shorten the amount of time you spend studying how quickly the car behind you is advancing, allowing you to focus more on not hitting the car in front of you.

Second, a creative project: I’d like to write a short pamphlet (to be distributed to recovery coaches and rehabs) outlining how to help a woman in recovery from alcohol addiction approach food, her body and – eventually – full recovery from the trap of diet culture and body hatred.

Third, a business idea: I want to open a small cafe, bookstore and community space in my new home town, Burien WA. The books for sale will be a highly curated collection of self-help books and memoirs. The cafe will be called For Crying Out Loud, or (fcol). I will host sober events there (a SansBar pop up?), and live music.

OK, that’s it for now. Just wanted the universe to know about these things so it can help me make it happen.



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