Apparently I’m a goody two shoes, even in my dreams.

I had a drinking dream last night. Actually, I had an almost drinking dream last night. I was in a liquor store, trying to decide between rum and vodka. I wanted to buy vodka, so people wouldn’t smell booze on my breath, but I couldn’t remember what to drink with it. I was fixated on coke as a…… Continue reading Apparently I’m a goody two shoes, even in my dreams.

My quit drinking timeline: 0-30 days.

[AUTHOR NOTE: I started writing this post a long time ago, but only now felt like I had enough perspective to post it. If you have tons of sobriety under your belt, or are actually in your first 30 days, please comment to add or correct anything here. Also, I just posted “My quit drinking…… Continue reading My quit drinking timeline: 0-30 days.

What advice would you give?

Jean McCarthy of Unpickled Blog and The Bubble Hour podcast interviewed me a week ago, as many of you know (because I saw a wee spike in visits to this blog afterward!) Telling my story felt really good. If you ever get the chance to do this kind of thing, I highly recommend it. Although…… Continue reading What advice would you give?

A clue.

AA people, and anyone else you ask (especially very wise, very long time sober women). will tell you unequivocally that you must not worry about anything except staying sober when you are trying to get sober. Your sobriety is #1. If you smoke cigarettes, don’t try to quit those right now. If you like your…… Continue reading A clue.

The beginning.

I’ve been sober for 78 days, and a non smoker for two months-ish. I feel so free. Quitting drinking and smoking wasn’t an easy process, and I’m still firmly in the “beginner” category. One of the themes in the alcohol recovery community is to do “whatever it takes” to stay sober. Even if it means eating…… Continue reading The beginning.