Don’t scratch the itch.

Day 84 sober. Still feeling pretty solid on the non-drinking front. Pema Chodron is a very inspiring buddhist monk who has been teaching me lots about how to ‘stay’ in discomfort instead of escaping. I love the idea… and I’ve done absolutely nothing to change the way I deal with discomfort. I’ve actually just been working…… Continue reading Don’t scratch the itch.

What does Norman Lear have to do with it?

On Wait Wait Don’t Tell me last weekend: PETER SAGAL: So do you have any tips for those of us who would like to arrive at 93 as spry and as successful and happy as you are? NORMAN LEAR: What occurred to me first is two simple words… SAGAL: Yeah. LEAR: …Maybe as simple as…… Continue reading What does Norman Lear have to do with it?