What does Norman Lear have to do with it?

NormanLearOn Wait Wait Don’t Tell me last weekend:

PETER SAGAL: So do you have any tips for those of us who would like to arrive at 93 as spry and as successful and happy as you are?

NORMAN LEAR: What occurred to me first is two simple words…

SAGAL: Yeah.

LEAR: …Maybe as simple as any two words in the English language – Over and Next. And we don’t pay enough attention to them. When something is over, it is over. And we are on to the next. And if there was to be a hammock in the middle — between Over and Next — that would be what is meant by living in the moment.

Yep. EVERYTHING I read or listen to as I try to learn my way out of self-destructive habits (that I use to escape discomfort) wind up here: stay. in. the. moment. Thanks Norman.


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