Day 3.

I’m told that it takes around 3 days to get “all the nicotine” out of your system. So, today’s the day to be done with nicotine in my bloodstream.

Day 3 is also famous for being the hardest day of all. OK – so will it be easier from tomorrow onward? We’ll see.

So far, today is easier than yesterday. So, that’s good. It’s supposed to be harder, though, so does that mean I’m doing something wrong? Eh, who the hell knows.

Quitting nicotine is FASCINATING, you guys.

Every time I feel uncomfortable and have the “I want a piece of nicorette gum” thought, I know – better than I ever did back before I quit drinking – that it is temporary and that I will not have to feel this way for the rest of my life.

  • First thought: I want gum.
  • Second thought: try to ride it out.
  • Third thought: I’m never going to be able to have a cup of coffee without wanting gum again.
  • Fourth thought: I used to think this way about smoking cigarettes. I don’t smoke cigarettes anymore and I no longer think “I want to smoke a cigarette” when I pour my first cup of coffee.
  • Fifth thought: It doesn’t feel like it right now, but change is possible. I won’t feel this way forever. The emptiness I feel will go away, even the emotional non-addiction-related habit stuff will go away.
  • Sixth thought: It’s 9am. Maybe you should eat some breakfast (you dumbass?)

See you all tomorrow for Day 4.





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