What should I tell my daughter?

I’ve received a lot of interesting and good feedback from the interview I did with Jean at The Bubble Hour podcast (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bubblehour/2017/07/02/quitting-everything-ingrid-on-dumping-cigarettes-booze-and-diets). Thank you to all who listened to the whole thing! It’s a long meandering story, but in the end (and I hope you got to the end), there is definitely redemption: freedom from…… Continue reading What should I tell my daughter?

Big fat realization part 2: mind. blown.

I just re-read Part 1 and noticed that I portrayed my BIG REALIZATION as very sudden. It wasn’t sudden. I had always been a little bit rebellious about living large in a fat phobic world. Well, maybe not always, but I think the seeds of doubt re dieting started way back in my college days (as…… Continue reading Big fat realization part 2: mind. blown.

Big fat realization, Part 1

It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything here. So much has happened… I am now 315 days sober, and I feel all settled and calm and happy about that. It is truly remarkable how the urge to drink has drifted away. As noted before, when I first quit drinking I fought tooth and nail against…… Continue reading Big fat realization, Part 1

A clue.

AA people, and anyone else you ask (especially very wise, very long time sober women). will tell you unequivocally that you must not worry about anything except staying sober when you are trying to get sober. Your sobriety is #1. If you smoke cigarettes, don’t try to quit those right now. If you like your…… Continue reading A clue.

Where did all this come from?

Two months ago I was mired in my over-everything: over drinking, smoking, eating, whining, crying, fighting, and despair-ness. I decided, because I was, oh, throwing up when I brushed my teeth (sometimes with hints of blood) most nights… that I HAD to quit drinking asap. My brand new beautiful marriage was at stake. OK, honesty…… Continue reading Where did all this come from?

The beginning.

I’ve been sober for 78 days, and a non smoker for two months-ish. I feel so free. Quitting drinking and smoking wasn’t an easy process, and I’m still firmly in the “beginner” category. One of the themes in the alcohol recovery community is to do “whatever it takes” to stay sober. Even if it means eating…… Continue reading The beginning.