Apparently I’m a goody two shoes, even in my dreams.

I had a drinking dream last night. Actually, I had an almost drinking dream last night. I was in a liquor store, trying to decide between rum and vodka. I wanted to buy vodka, so people wouldn’t smell booze on my breath, but I couldn’t remember what to drink with it. I was fixated on coke as a…… Continue reading Apparently I’m a goody two shoes, even in my dreams.

My body dysmorphia pendulum.

Sometimes I am convinced that I am way larger than I actually am: classic body dysmorphia (like anorexics). I get angry and sad about being fundamentally wrong-bodied, and maybe one day dying never having known what it feels like to be thin and classically pretty. Then other times – maybe even most of the time?…… Continue reading My body dysmorphia pendulum.

What should I tell my daughter?

I’ve received a lot of interesting and good feedback from the interview I did with Jean at The Bubble Hour podcast ( Thank you to all who listened to the whole thing! It’s a long meandering story, but in the end (and I hope you got to the end), there is definitely redemption: freedom from…… Continue reading What should I tell my daughter?