Day 3 still, and, ummm…

Hi again. I just wanted to let you all know that I cannot stop stuffing my face with food things today. It’s 12:45 pm here in Seattle, and I’ve already eaten one big bowl (three servings) of oatmeal with brown sugar and pecans and half and half. Then a bowl of leftover pickled green bean…… Continue reading Day 3 still, and, ummm…

Day two.

Checking in on Day Two (2) of my nicorette gum withdrawals… I am currently drinking my coffee, wishing I could chew a piece of nicorette gum with it. The feeling of emptiness is somehow excruciating without being physically painful. I know intellectually that withdrawal and cravings go away (from my experience quitting drinking). But, like…… Continue reading Day two.

Day 1, quitting nicotine.

For the first couple of months of what turned out to be my longest stint sober, I didn’t have this blog set up. I didn’t document how I felt each day, moment, or milestone. And I definitely didn’t document every single attempt prior to my “last” day one. I remember a lot of the early…… Continue reading Day 1, quitting nicotine.

500 days sober tomorrow.

I think I might be slipping into a bad, dark space. 500 days sober tomorrow, and all I keep thinking is: that’s a stupid date marker. I’ve never considered 500 days to be a meaningful amount for anything. It’s not equivalent to anything important that I’ve done or experienced in my life. It’s just an…… Continue reading 500 days sober tomorrow.