The struggle is real.

I wonder how many blog posts have this title. It’s a cliche because it’s true, right? Riiiigggghhht??? I am 13 months sober, 12.5 months cigarette free, and now about two months into Isabel Foxen Duke’s “Stop Fighting Food” master class. I feel kind of navel-gazed-out, if that is a thing. I’m bored with self improvement. But then,…… Continue reading The struggle is real.

Close to one year booze-free…waffling.

I’m going to take a breather from my food stuff today and go back to what started this whole journey: quitting drinking and smoking on April 15th, 2016. I’m 344 days sober today, and that means I’m very very close to hitting the one year mark. It’s pretty hard to avoid having thoughts around re-integrating…… Continue reading Close to one year booze-free…waffling.

Addiction doesn’t apply to food.

Today I want to dive deep into an idea that I have been mulling over (and over) after quitting drinking, smoking and dieting. First, I think we can all agree that the word addiction is over-used (especially in a casual way) and misunderstood (duh, scientists are working on this). Since we know and agree that there aren’t clear…… Continue reading Addiction doesn’t apply to food.