My quit drinking timeline, part II: 30-100 days

I wrote a post a little while ago detailing how I felt in days 0-30 when I quit drinking. I experienced days 0-14 several (many…) times before it stuck, so it was actually pretty easy to write out the feelings I felt each day. To remember the waiting, and breath-holding and frustration and anxiety. I…… Continue reading My quit drinking timeline, part II: 30-100 days

A wee life update from Fatty

Good morning blog-o-sphere, and happy Friday! So… I may have let it go un-remarked upon here for a little bit, but I was laid off from my job at that SF-based tech startup two weeks ago. I know, funny, given I had JUST posted about how great I was getting at my job and how…… Continue reading A wee life update from Fatty

About that last post…

Hi everyone. I want to talk a little bit about that last post I wrote (“My perspective on dieting and booze”). When I re-read that post (every other day since I posted it) I cringe as I viscerally react to my own know-it-all voice. And in many ways I regret posting it. It’s didactic. It…… Continue reading About that last post…

My Perspective on Dieting and Booze

We all are born to a body type, just like hair color, height, skin color etc. If we are born to a bigger body type, we don’t fit in — and we have a natural desire to fit in and be considered desirable — so we diet (or cut out sugar, or reduce carbs, or…… Continue reading My Perspective on Dieting and Booze

Different is the new black.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” — Mark Twain This modern, first-world that I live in here on the West Coast of the US does a lot to reinforce me for quitting smoking. Everyone also loves it if I exercise more, or eat more whole…… Continue reading Different is the new black.